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Why us?

Beyond imagination. Out of expectation.
We offer more than you can imagine.

Access to a huge pool of professional investors
Review papers will be sent to crypto-focused VCs, fund houses, institutions and our investor community through direct communication channels.
A rigorous assessment by our experts
We are a team of professional analysts with investment banking, VC, consulting, equity research and tech background. CS score backed by our rigorous model and analysis will surely boost investors’ confidence.

Practical suggestions to improve your project
CS score and review paper provide you with more knowledge and insights about your project. In addition, our consulting service will provide you with actionable items on how to improve your ICO.

What is included?

“Sugar. Spice. And everything nice.”
Essential for powerful characters, or companies…

A summary of your project to provide the readers a concise overview. Comments and analysis from our team will be included in addition to the description. The parts include:

  • Summary of the Project and ICO
  • Scope of the Project and Services
  • ICO Details
  • Technical Features
  • Development Plans
  • Marketing strategy
  • Team
  • Documentation

Our in-depth evaluation of your project to provide investors a comprehensive understanding. The parts include:

  • Market Review and Competition
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Economy of the Project
  • Community Engagement
  • Reliability and Feasibility

Our experts’ comments on your project. The parts include:

  • Investment attractiveness
  • Potential risks
  • CryptoStandard Score and Outlook

With our team’s expertise in blockchain, we provide professional consulting service to help you spot out any room for improvement. Our service include:

  • Auditing Report
    A comprehensive explanation for all dimensions covered in the CS Score and areas for improvement
  • Practical recommendation
    Detailed guidance on how to fix issues and push your ICO further to attract more investment.

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