Sonic was incepted to revolutionize the music industry passing the power back to fans and musicians. Sonic is developing a super system where fan’s directly earn SONIC tokens. Fans can spend their SONIC supporting the artists they love. Fans are given SONIC for listening to tracks based on actual listening duration, the longer fans listen …

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OpenProducDB is a database where everyone can post information about different goods, the owners of the token can vote on this information, determining the quality of the descriptions (from 0 to 10). The best description is published, and its author receives a portion of the revenue for the product in the form of tokens. Information …

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Masternode coins are becoming more and more popular since the success of Dash. Nukleus sees the potential of masternodes coins as well as the difficulties for users to operate masternodes to make profit – high technology threshold and high demand for money. It aims to create a platform where people can launch masternodes quickly and …

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