Exaking Is A Free Peer-To-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange And Social Network For Crypto-Enthusiasts. We act as a free, fast intermediary between traders and bring them together. Our social trading platform gives you endless possibilities and connects all kinds of investors from novice to advanced. It enables anyone independently of the device (desktop, smartphone…) to exchange all …

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A crypto-equity opportunity in a growing tech business. HDCoin holders will be beneficiaries of shareholding in HD Group, a New Zealand-based company trading for over a decade. Dividends will be used to buy back & burn tokens in the open market. The company has an impressive list of projects – an ICO exchange & incubator …

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Lyves believes the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency led to lack of trust. Therefore, in order to make anonymous payments both more trustworthy and secure, Lyves is going to provide 50% cashback for people who write reviews after a successful purchase. This can enable a large community of feedback writers and also the possibility to save …

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CRYX aims to help cryptocurrency investors and asset managers build better performing cryptocurrency portfolios through powerful benchmarking and data solutions.

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