Big Data

DeepWater Treasure Recovery

We are launching DeepWater, a new project, which employs artificial intelligence for underwater pattern recognition. We plan to gather information about shipwrecks and underwater mineral resources in the Caribbean Sea and along the historical trade routes in the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.




Mosaic is tackling two of the most pressing problems plaguing the cryptoasset space today: (1) unreliable and insufficient data and research; and (2) an overall painful user experience for market participants. Mosaic solves these problems by providing a database platform and decentralized market intelligence network with an intuitive user interface. We believe Mosaic will become …

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Since 2011, the AddShoppers Platform has analyzed and engaged 6 millions of consumers globally across thousands of domains. This token will empower consumers while giving brands access to unparalleled data targeting opportunities and enabling interaction with our Customer Data Platform. AddShoppers gives the DAX token instant scale including customer data, agency partnerships, and direct brand …

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