The AbacasXchange is a new system for the registry and peer-to-peer exchange of tokens, mosaics and less liquid cryptocurrencies through highly liquid cryptocurrencies and asset tokens known as Gateway Assets (BTC, ETH, XEM, etc.) Using Gateway Assets, the AbacasXchange forms liquidity chains between three or more assets to con- nect and form a price between …

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CARCO is a wholesome technological solution, which primarily offers drivers and other users within the car chain a friendly means of mutual communication. Additionally, it also offers a culmination of additional attributes that are an integral part of everyday processes tied to vehicle use, and which are significantly simplified with “CarCo©“. CARCO is an excellent …

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Lightcash Blockchain System

[vimeo 255294164 w=640 h=360] <p><a href=”″>Lightcash &ndash; All simple and quickly as possible</a> from <a href=””>Lightcash Blockchain System</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

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