ICO/ Cryptocurrency Regulation Series (3), 17 April 2018

International corporations in South Korea no longer establish their cryptocurrency subsidiaries in their home country due to prohibitive regulations. Instead, they launch the initial coin offering in countries, such as Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Gibraltar etc.

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Corporations Bypassing Korean ICO Regulations With Overseas Subsidiaries


Korean government is now working on a policy plan for ICOs in order to open a door for Korean corporations to raise funds to the crypto-crazed market despite the prior reservations of the government. The financial authorities are now discussing with the justice ministry and other relevant governmental parties to allow certain ICO activities in Korea.

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It Looks Like South Korea Is Planning to Allow ICOs And Regulate Crypto Trading After All


Cryptocurrency exchange industry in South Korea is facing a self-regulatory framework. The regulation will be applicable to 14 cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. Under the new rules, exchanges are required to store users’ transaction records for five years. The regulations also enforce exchanges to put systems in place to detect and report abnormal transactions.

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Industry Group to Bring ‘Order’ to Korea’s Crypto Exchanges

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