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ICO/ Cryptocurrency Beginner Guide Series(4), 21 April 2018

After talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum, another cryptocurrency that we would like to introduce would be Ripple. The transactional protocol for Ripple is XRP. Ripple is built on the idea of a distributed ledger network that requires users to participate in the transaction validation process. Ripple facilitates transactions all over the world and the transfer

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ICO/ Cryptocurrency BTC/ ETH Series (4), 20th April 2018

The price of Ethereum has been recovering over the past few weeks after a bullish wave that had been controlling the market since late February. Yet, the market has been moving sideways during most of Tuesday’s trading sessions. On Tuesday, a day high of $523.80 and a day low of $501.50 was recorded. The price

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ICO/ Cryptocurrency Regulation Series (3), 17 April 2018

International corporations in South Korea no longer establish their cryptocurrency subsidiaries in their home country due to prohibitive regulations. Instead, they launch the initial coin offering in countries, such as Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Gibraltar etc. Read more at: Corporations Bypassing Korean ICO Regulations With Overseas Subsidiaries   Korean government is now working on a

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ICO/ Cryptocurrency Weekly Report (3), 15 April 2018

1. Top 5 Trading Cryptocurrencies Project Name Token Current price (USD) [4 sig fig] Market Cap (USD) [integer] 7D%change [integer, with +/-] BigUp BIGUP 1 BIGUP = 0.000478 USD 1,021,392 +290% High Voltage HVCO 1 HVCO = 1.48 USD 2,139,638 +259% BABB BAX 1 BAX = 0.001434 USD 19,207,455 +259% Mithril MITH 1 MITH = 0.6697 USD

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ICO/ Cryptocurrency Beginner Guide Series(3), 14 April 2018

Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies that many people see as potentially overtaking Bitcoin as the dominant coin in the market. The coin value of Ethereum is known as “Ether”. Ethereum works in a similar way as Bitcoin. We can buy and sell it to other potential investors with confirmations for transactions handled over the

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ICO/ Cryptocurrency BTC/ ETH Series (3), 12th April 2018

The price of Bitcoin surged more than 17% in a sudden move to above $8000 at a one point on Thursday. The highest price of the day is $8011. The sudden jump in price of Bitcoin forced lots of traders who had beg against cryptocurrency to buy back into the market. Read more at: Bitcoin

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