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ICO/ Cryptocurrency Regulation Series (5), 10 April 2018

Jan Robert Schutte, the CEO of CryptoAcademy, said that the Dutch government and authority on financial markets AFM have to come up with guidelines for ICOs if they would like to keep developing this technology in the Netherlands since ICO projects have a higher chance to leave due to the lack of clarity. Currently, the

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ICO/ Cryptocurrency Regulation Series (4), 09 May 2018

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is currently working with the Bank of England and also the UK Treasury on a discussion paper to monitor cryptocurrency activities. They will reveal its guidelines on cryptocurrency policy in the coming few months. This may result in global repercussion for how virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple etc, are

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ICO/ Cryptocurrency Weekly Report (5), 29 April 2018

1. Top 5 Trading Cryptocurrencies Project Name Token ICO price (USD) [4 sig fig] Current price (USD) [4 sig fig] Market Cap (USD) [integer] 7D%change [integer, with +/-] Daneel DAN 1 DAN = 0.3000 USD 1 DAN = 0.2680 USD $6,990,511 USD +662% AurumCoin AU N.A.* 1 AU = 22.38 USD $5,902,562 USD +363% StarChain

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ICO/ Cryptocurrency Beginner Guide Series(5), 28 April 2018

We have briefly introduced the three most popular cryptocurrencies in the market over the past few weeks. Therefore, we will bring a new topic and talk about Smart Contract today.  Smart Contract helps us to exchange almost everything, including money, property and shares, in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman.

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ICO/ Cryptocurrency BTC/ ETH Series (5), 26th April 2018

According to the data from, the 17 millionth bitcoin is likely to be mined in the coming data. This would be one of the most important milestones for the world’s first cryptocurrency since only 21 million bitcoin can ever be created. This makes Bitcoin’s supply more limited in the future. Read more at: The

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ICO/ Cryptocurrency Weekly Report (4), 22 April 2018

1. Top 5 Trading Cryptocurrencies Project Name Token ICO Price Current price (USD) [4 sig fig] Market Cap (USD) [integer] 7D%change [integer, with +/-] GPU Coin GPU N.A.* 1 GPU =  0.03525 USD 1,427,127 +717% GTC 1 GTC =  0.1781 USD 1 GTC =  0.4223 USD 248,665,530 +695% Aseancoin ASN N.A.* 1 ASN =

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