Blockchain Consulting

Power businesses with cutting-edge solutions using blockchain technologies

Grow your company
with the latest blockchain technologies

Blockchain technology is improving how business works everywhere. Our consultants will work alongside you to unleash the real values of blockchain technology:

Grow Revenue

Developing competitive edges to outperform your peers using new business models enabled by blockchain technology

Increase Productivity

Achieving more efficient production with less manual work needed within the company and across the supply chain

Improve Security

Maximizing data security by storing data on the immutable distributed ledgers

Blockchain is as significant now as the Internet was 25 years ago

Blythe Masters

Like the combustion engine, the telephone, and the Internet before it, blockchain promises to transform how human society functions.

Mike Schwartz

Our Unique Approach

We understand that new technology can be difficult to understand. Therefore, we have devised a unique approach to help you deploy the technology and realise its utmost potential.

Blockchain Consulting. Our consultants will look into your business practices and find out the best blockchain applications that could take your business to the next level. Documented findings and actionable plans will be prepared by our consultants.

Technology Deployment. Our technical experts will integrate the blockchain technology into your current system with all the necessary infrastructure. Training will be provided to both executives and developers.

Our industry expertise & use cases

Supply Chain

  • Immutable food tracking service
  • Integrated supply chain management with high transparency and visibility

Finance/ Banking

  • Fast and low-cost cross-border remittance
  • Secure peer-to-peer transaction

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Cost-efficient loyalty system
  • Gift cards, ticketing and prepaid voucher channels


  • Secure storage of electronic health records
  • Easy identification and authentication of patient information


  • Disintermediation of original content distribution
  • Cost-efficient patenting system


  • Low-cost and customisable curriculum
  • Secure education certificate database


  • Faster claim and payment processing
  • Automated testing and payouts based on pre-approved requirements in smart contracts


  • Decentralised energy grids enabled by P2P trading systems
  • Enablement of community-funded renewable energy projects

Unleash the Potential of Blockchain

Become the industry leader with the use of blockchain technology

We provide specialized consulting in cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Our vision is to popularise the adoption of blockchain technology. Headquartered in Hong Kong, providing services internationally.

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