ICO/ Cryptocurrency BTC/ ETH Series (2), 05th April 2018

How should we value how much a digital currency really worth? Some suggested that it depends on the network of people who use it. Thus they suspect Bitcoin has been overvalued.
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Bitcoin Network Researchers See ‘Substantial’ Overvaluation

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most popular cryptocurrency in the market. Research by the Indian free internet provider, Jana, suggested that Ethereum has surpassed Bitcoin and become the most popular cryptocurrency in India.
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Ethereum is Proving More Popular than Bitcoin in India

It is predicted that Bitcoin will fare worse than other investments in the future since it has no fundamental worth. A London-based Capital Economics explained that cryptocurrency has a close correlation to the S&P 500 as the price of cryptocurrency started to fall since the end of last year.The price of cryptocurrencies started to fall from its record high last year.
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Bitcoin is ‘worthless’ and will perform worse than stocks in the coming months, analyst says

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